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Excavation Services

  • Demolition - Victor Excavating & Landscape is experienced and capable enough to complete any of your commercial and residential demolition needs. We have a sterling reputation for confined efficiency and safety for our employees and your property.
  • Commercial Lot Preparation - From subdivision roads, to commercial centers, to parking lots, Victor Excavating & Landscape has the tools, talent, and experience to prepare any land for your commercial enterprise.
  • Residential Improvement - We offer a comprehensive list of residential site development solutions. From inception to completion, no matter how large or small the project, you can count on Victor Excavating & Landscape for all your site-work needs.

  • Basement Excavation - As one of Rochester's leading excavating and landscaping companies, Victor Excavating & Landscape has developed many long-lasting relationships with the town’s premier homebuilders. Let us put those relationships to use for you when building the foundation for your new home.
  • Backfill & Grading - From small grading jobs, to large residential and commercial projects, we have the machines to meet your needs.  Victor Excavating & Landscape currently owns a 750 John Deere, two 550 John Deere Dozers, a D4 Caterpillar, a 650 John Deere, and various Bobcat machines to complete even the most daunting of projects.
  • Drainage Systems & Pipework - Victor Excavating & Landscape offers a variety of pipework applications including: 30-foot culvert pipes, piping across and under roadways, and sewer installations.
  • Downspout Conductors - We can install your downspout conductors on a new property or add them to an existing property that may have drainage problems.
  • Septic Systems - Victor Excavating & Landscape can install gravity type systems, a pressure system, or a mound system to meet your specific septic needs.
  • Bobcat Service - At Victor Excavating & Landscape, we have the machinery and the manpower to move any amount of earth for your next project.

  • Trucking - Victor Excavating & Landscape has access to a fleet of trucks and other vehicles so we can move materials easily and efficiently for our clients from site to site.

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